The protective cover of machine tool is the traditional prote

The machine tool guide guard is a traditional protection method for machine tools. It plays a useful protective role in preventing chips and other sharp things from entering. By means of a certain construction method and proper scraping boards, it can also effectively decrease the entry of coolant.

Machine tool guide guard cover is used to protect machine tool guide rail. It can protect the internal rigid rail, linear guide and ball screw or transmission rack of machine tool from external corrosion and damage.

The steel telescopic guide rail protective cover is the traditional protection form of the machine tool. In this field, the steel telescopic guide guard is widely applied to prevent entry of chips and other sharp objects. Effective structural measures and proper scraping boards can also effectively reduce the infiltration of coolant. Our steel telescopic guide guard can meet the requirements of modern machine tools for high technology, proper installation location and high speed.

Now the precision of the parts is getting higher and higher, and many large and high precision machine tools are becoming more and more widely.

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