2-7 days of prompt delivery
2 hours drive to Xin’gang Port
The equipment is advanced, the experience is professional and the process control is perfect. Pursuit of excellent guests to meet customer needs

Best material and best machines, Hengtai products are trustable and durable.Professional customer service team to provide solutions that are Hengtai products to win more customers praise

Hebei Hengtai Machine Tool Accessories Manufacturing CO.,LtdThe "advanced unit of civilized and honest management" was obtained in 2006"
Certificate of "China name enterprise" Certificate in 2009
The "Cangzhou ninth consumer trust unit" was obtained in 2011
The "315 international consumer rights and interests day enterprise brand promotion unit" was obtained in 2013
Certificate of "quality management system conforming to standard" in 2014
  •   Hebei Hengtai Machine Tool Accessories Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a large private enterprise which combines research,innovation, developing, manufacturing and sales. With 1809001 quality system approved, the company is equipped with professional precision CNC equipment and manned with foreign technicians working in the crew.......000
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