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  • Telescopic Steel Cover
  • Telescopic Steel Cover

    Product Classification:Protective Covers

    Characteristic:Elastic sealing gaskets are fixed to each layer of steel plate to clear the surface of the steel cover.

    Elastic sealing gaskets are fixed to each layer of steel plate to clear the surface of the steel cover. The telescopic steel cover can be used horizontal and vertically at maximum speed 60m/min. It can be customized according to customers' requirements. Flat plate type a1d arched type are provided for your selection.

    Installation of Telescopic Steel Covers:

    With the increasing demands of accuracy in the current days, the manufacturers have to satisfy the needs with the protective covers for screw leads and bases.

    With years ' experience and technical experiments, we have successfu lly made the telescopic steel covers for guide rails and screw leads. The telescopic steel cover is efficient in protecting and maintaining guide rails and screw leads.

    Besides, the telescopic steel cover is efficient in resisting dust, hot chips, coolant, emulgator and accidental shocks from the machinery.

    The material is wear proof, chemical and heat resistant.Besides, the telescopic steel cover can effectively reduce damage from the workplace. ts elegant appearance proves aesthetic.

    Technical Parameters of Telescopi c Steel Covers

    Code Description Data Remarks Code Description Data Remarks
    Le Stretched Length     BS Supporting Width of Wheels    
    Lz Compressed Length     BM Supporting Width of Sliding Bbcks    
    Lt Travel     α°、β° Bow Shape Angle    
    B Width of Guide Rail     n Estimated Fold Quantity    
    Bc T olal Width of Protective Cover     δ Steel Plate Thickness   Pre-selected by users
    H Total Height of Protective Cater       Fixing Hole   By user
    H1 Side Height of Guide Rail     Steel Plate Material 1Gr13 2Cr13 By user
    H2 Cover Height on Guide Rail     Supporting Form Pulley Sliding Blocks By user
    H3 Installing Position Height     Matched Machine Model      
    H4 Fixing Board Height     Client      
    H5 Wheel Height     Contact   Tel  
    Remarks: 1. All you have to do is fill every parameter and designate the material, and we are obliged to design and manufacture for you.
    2. Should you have any special requirement about the bellow cover models, we are always ready to design according to negotiation.
    3. Please fill up one form for each modeL Make copies when necessary.

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