Variety and specification of NC machine tool accessories

Compared with l0 years ago, the level of the accessories for CNC machine tools should be greatly improved. At that time, the research and development of such products was mainly based on foreign products and imported technology. First of all, from the power chuck, indexing class CNC accessories, CNC tool rack several products started. In the past 20 years, the variety has been perfected, and the main performance and reliability have been improved greatly. The accessory products of CNC machine tool production in China should be said to meet supporting the needs of CNCmachine tool is no problem, but in the aspect of machine tool accessories for high-end CNC machine tools supporting compared with a larger gap, the gap between product design capabilities, but not great, the main difference is that the ability of equipment manufacturing industry as a whole and coordination ability. Therefore, it has a great influence on the product level of the whole CNC machine tool accessories, which is the main reason why the domestic product level is lower than the foreign product level at present.

The lower level of our CNC machine tool accessories is mainly shown in the following aspects:

1.with the rapid development of CNC machine tools, the corresponding requirements for the accessories are also put forward. Based on the constraints of material, testing ability and equipment manufacturing capacity, our accessories products are less in speed than those of other foreign products. For example, CNC lathe supporting all kinds of power chuck speed limit than the foreign average low 1000~2000r/minx disc body material, the manufacturing precision of the parts and the dynamic balance gap determines the domestic power chuck level; all kinds of CNC rotary worktable again for CNC milling machine and machining center for supporting the Japan research company 200mm small diameter NC rotary table top speed up to 88r/min, while the domestic only 12~16r/min. The main difference lies in the selection of materials, which is difficult to reach at the moment.

2.reliability, the development and application of foreign NC machine tool accessories is relatively early and experienced. Due to technological progress, new products and new structures are emerging and applied, making the products reliable. For example, the core parts of CNC rotary table of Japan research company, worm gear and worm gear are nitrided steel, the surface of gear is nitrided, the hardness is high, worm is hard alloy worm, the worm gear is hard tooth contact and wear resistant. It not only realizes the high speed, but also ensures the reliability. The same is true of the servo tool holder. The traditional products and traditional structures are basically used in the domestic products, and the reliability of the purchased parts is poor, which results in the overall reliability of the products compared with the foreign products. For example, more than 70% of the failures of CNC lathes appear on the CNC tool rack, and more than 70% of the CNC tool frames appear on the electrical components that are associated with them. It can be said that the overall reliability of CNC machine accessory products is closely related to the current level of industrial development in China. With the improvement of supporting parts, the overall situation will be improved.

3.the precision and stability of CNC machine tool accessories in China should be better, and it can basically meet the requirements of the main engine. Compared with the products of the developed countries such as Japan and Germany, the products of the developed countries have a certain gap, but they are not large, and they are equivalent to the products in the Taiwan region. This has a close relationship with the industry enterprises in recent years to grasp the quality and improve the quality consciousness.

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