Market situation of machine tool accessories in China

In recent years, CNC machine tools have developed rapidly in China. The demand for NC machine tool accessories increases rapidly and the market capacity is large. In the middle and low grade CNC machine tool accessories domestic products account for the main share. High grade products are mainly imported. Some products such as numerical control knife pole, numerical control division head and certain batch export. The foreign industrial developed countries, such as Japan and Germany, as well as the large influx of products in the Taiwan region of China, have led to fierce competition in the market.

The price of domestic CNC machine tool accessories is low, and its price is generally 1/2~1/3 of the price of foreign products of the same kind. In recent years, in order to enter China's market, foreign manufacturers have gradually reduced the price of products, gradually narrowing the gap, and the market share is gradually expanding. Due to the geographical factors, the after-sales service of domestic products has advantages over foreign manufacturers, which are the two main reasons for the development of domestic CNC machine tool accessories. Inferiority is the gap between China's products and foreign products, which is still difficult to change at the moment.

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