How to narrow the gap of international level between machine

In recent years, China's CNC machine tools have been developing high speed, production and marketing are also rising. With the continuous development and improvement of numerical control technology, the requirements and dependence of the machine tool host to the accessories are becoming higher and higher. The development of machine tools is indirectly determined by the technical development of the parts. As a result, we can see that the development trend of professional development has become the general trend of the development of machine bed parts industry in China.Then, how can we narrow the gap between the big industrial countries and foreign countries? The enterprises themselves should accelerate the pace of technological reform, actively and independently innovate, and be willing to learn much from foreign enterprises. Enterprises should strive to learn advanced international machine tools technology and carry out innovation work in an all-round way. Enterprises at the top level should also encourage and strongly support innovation of machine tool parts, so that our machine tool parts industry will become stronger and stronger.

The development trend of China's machine tool accessories industry will also be stable, the market share will continue to increase, the leading role of China's machine tool industry continues to develop, but China's machine tool accessories industry also has some drawbacks: the development of machine tool accessories must be from the overall development of machine tool industry to drive, development prospects this had to mention China's machine tool industry, machine tool industry in China to be more stable and rapid development, must carry on the reform and innovation of CNC work, so as to make a series of machine parts industry continue to follow up. But most of our machine tool parts factory's funds are still relatively intense, which has brought great influence to technological innovation and reform. This is also an important part of China's spare parts level's failure to make rapid progress. It has become an obstacle to the development of machine tool industry. Compared with the international technology, the domestic machine tool accessories have a certain gap with the developed countries in terms of technology, quality or performance.

China's CNC machine tool parts development direction: in terms of machine tool accessories, we also have a lot of its own advantages, such as price, after-sales service. Especially in recent years, China's machine tool industry varieties increased, and has a great improvement in the quality and performance of products, further learning of the developed countries, coupled with CNC technology to carry out a comprehensive, but also to China's machine tool accessories industry has been greatly improved, and so that we can see the machine industry a better tomorrow.

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