The shortage and development direction of machine tool access

In recent years, China's CNC machine tools have been developing rapidly and producing sales and marketing. In a long period of time, our economic growth will be stable, and the growth of fixed assets investment will be strong. The machine tool industry will continue to grow steadily, and the economic benefits will gradually improve.

CNC indexing machine tool accessories (CNC turntable, CNC dividing head, CNC turret), as the main part of CNC machine tools, plays a vital role in the performance, quality and reliability of CNC machine tools. Machine tool accessories industry must constantly adjust product structure, intensify the development of new products, improve the ability of technological innovation to meet the rapidly growing demand for CNC machine host, host plant to improve production efficiency and market competitiveness as a supporting role, the formation of a good social system.

The development of machine tool industry, rely on technology and innovation capacity of the industry increased, depending on the CNC machine tool and rapid product upgrading, dependent on manufacturing from rigid to flexible automation automation direction change of the social demand, because of the money machine accessories factory in China, resulting in technological innovation and technological transformation efforts no, the development level of attachment is seriously lagging behind, has become a bottleneck restricting the development of national machine tool industry. Compared with the developed countries, there are some gaps in the product quality, performance, structural innovation, brand reputation, outward appearance, accuracy and stability, etc., but there are great advantages in product price, delivery time and after-sales service. In addition, in recent years, the CNC accessories products in the Taiwan area have significantly increased the development of the mainland market, making the domestic market more competitive. In the next few years, China's machine tool accessories factory to develop grade varieties, improve product quality, performance and reliability at the same time, tracking and learning the advanced technology of the developed countries, and in product innovation, improve the technological level and more efforts; summarize the experience, strengthen the production, learning and research of the combination of professional production of the road, facing the market competition, to meet the needs of the development of the host.


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